Believe in Yourself

Upon discussing life with a dear friend over gelato last night, I came to several realizations.

But, maybe most importantly of all, it occurred to me that (probably) the most crucial piece of the “success” puzzle is believing in yourself.

Because even if you have the skills, the qualifications, the talent, and the passion, you need the belief that you can do it! You need to believe that whatever you possess, it’s enough to get you started. You need to have faith in yourself, what you know, and what you are capable of. And, not to mention, you have to trust that whatever you may need to know later on, you’ll be able learn along the way.

Though life is always uncertain, and messy, I truly believe that having faith (especially in yourself) will help you prevail over obstacles.

Obviously, there is no straight line to “success”. There is no perfected method.

In fact, a part of me is beginning to wonder if maybe “success” is simply a mindset. When you feel like a success, it’s almost as if you just start attracting and manifesting more successful moments in your life. Like attracts like, so the Laws of the Universe suggest.

However, having faith in yourself is probably the most necessary quality for achieving any level of “success”. When you believe that you can, nothing can stop you. There will still be plenty of challenges, I can assure you. There will be moments when you are ready to quit from frustration and doubt. There will be times when you feel alone and unsupported. Allow the trials and errors of life help to nurture and navigate you; sooner or later, you will find exactly where you need to be, so long as you trust the process.

Let your suffering transform and evolve you!


In my own personal experience, when I reflect on the adventure that my yoga practice has taken me on, I can’t help but feel a swelling of joy in my heart. When I first started yoga, several years ago, I never imagined I’d ever become a yoga teacher. It wasn’t until I started a devoted, daily practice that I began to entertain the idea.

After three years of a consistent practice, I wanted to teach more than anything but felt as though I had to wait. For what, I really wasn’t sure. Until I was better? Until I was more confident? I had no faith in myself. I didn’t trust that I would be “good enough” compared to the other students, let alone teachers. I didn’t truly believe in my skills, my knowledge or my abilities as a practitioner ▬ how was I ever going to make it as a teacher?

But… with a little more life experience, new, supportive friends, and the help of a chance encounter with a remarkable medium, I decided to apply for a yoga teacher training program the following year despite my woes.

To my surprise and delight, I was accepted.

From there, the rest was history.

I finished my training and became registered through the Yoga Alliance at the end of 2016. Though I struggled to find a job as a new teacher, I began leading freelance classes for mostly friends to keep myself in practice and good spirits. Eventually, I was offered a teaching position at one of the studios I had been renting! Within a year, I turned what felt like a far-away dream into my reality. While I’ve yet to make a million dollars from teaching yoga, I am doing what I love and enjoying every moment of it. I get to not only share my passion with people, but help others experience the many benefits of yoga.

And I promise you, it all begins, and ends, with a fierce belief in yourself. YES, you can do it. You ARE capable. You ARE strong enough. You WILL make it happen. If someone has already done it, then there is no reason why you can’t do it either. And if no one has done it, then don’t give up! Keep going! You CAN be the first.

The mind is a truly powerful tool that, with practice, can be used to aid in your transformation instead of being used against you. Too often, the mind is given complete free reign and the ego takes over. While the ego does serve a purpose, it does not need to be the one in total control.

The ego can lead you to feel defeated, slighted, doubtful, discouraged, afraid, envious, and insecure. That’s just not who you are. Seek to control the mind instead of letting it control you. The best way to do that? Meditate (but I’ll save that for another blog).

Let go of the mind-objects keeping you from living your dreams and making it happen.

Use your mind to take you higher and tap into the collective, creative potential we all posses.

Believe in yourself and just see where it takes you.

I dare you.

In fact, I triple-dog dare you.

Melanie x

2 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. I loved readying this. I’m coming out of it feeling more motivated and like I already have the tools to take on my passions – IF I believe I can. Thanks for the inspiration ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so talented, Martina! All it takes is consistency and patience. You’re definitely on the cusp of something great!


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