Month of Mindfulness: Day 1

For day one of our meditation challenge, I thought it would be great to start with getting acquainted with the breath through a guided breathing exercise. Breathing exercises are wonderful as they enable us to calm the body and bring stillness to the mind. The breath plays a very important role in meditation, in yoga, in exercise, in singing, in life. Learning to observe the breath and eventually control the breath will cultivate improved well-being, focus, and self-awareness.

In this exercise, the video will visually demonstrate the flow of breath, indicating when to inhale and exhale and for how long. Once you become familiar with the rhythm, feel free to close your eyes and turn your attention inward.

Be sure to find a comfortable position to begin (seated in a chair, cross-legged, on a bolster or pillow, etc). If possible, try to find a time in your day when you are less likely to be distracted. Move to a room or space where you can sit in peace or you may opt to use headphones.

Try not to hold any expectations for yourself! This is day one. If you’re new to meditation, this may be your first time ever trying. Meditation does not have an end goal; it’s a journey, a process, a neverending adventure. You may experience something different every time you sit down to meditate; embrace it, accept it, and learn from it.

Click here to head to the video! This exercise is only 10 minutes long.

Be sure to let me know what you think. Comment below with your experience of today’s practice, as well as your reasons for joining the Month of Mindfulness!

Thank you for taking part and have a lovely day!

Melanie x

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