Month of Mindfulness: Day 2

Today’s practice will, once again, focus on the breath as a meditation. This guided meditation offers verbal cues instead of visual ones. I would definitely recommend headphones for this exercise, otherwise a quiet, peaceful place will do.

As meditation is an ever-evolving practice, please don’t try to control your environment too heavily. Modern life is often very noisy. Fans, traffic, creaks, wind, our apartment neighbors – there are plenty of distractions, even in the “silence”. Adapt to your surroundings. Bloom wherever you are planted, so to speak. Learn to meditate, regardless of where you may be.

If there was an end-goal… I’d say that this could be a good one.

Meditation is a practice of focus, patience, and surrender. It may not come easily to you at first, which is why it’s so important to continue your practice. You may hate it. It may feel uncomfortable. But… trust me…. in those moments, when it would be so much easier to pack up your mat, your blocks, and your headphones, and give up…. just stay with it. That is a lesson worth observing.

Breath work will lay the foundation for building stronger concentration and mind-body connection, which will help in making meditation feel a little more… organic.

Let me know what you thought of the verbal guidance versus the visual cues! Do you feel as though you are more of an auditory or visual learner, and did you notice yourself enjoying one style more than the other?

As a visual person, I personally found I enjoyed the visual and subtle auditory cues way more than the verbal (no offense, Kim Eng, because I truly love your meditations and yin yoga DVD). I’ve never been huge into visual meditations, but I’m beginning to think that I should explore them more in my own practice.

Thanks for checking in and for spreading the mindfulness!

Melanie x

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