Month of Mindfulness: Day 4

Day 4 brings another mindfulness meditation, this time, closer to 10 minutes in length. Make sure you are in a comfortable, supported position, using pillows or yoga blocks or a blanket to cushion your seat. You have the option to choose a seated position, or lying down. Beware: it’s almost too easy to drift off and fall asleep while laying down. If you get drowsy, try moving to a seated position.

The Honest Guys have a wonderful YouTube channel, full of many relaxing, helpful guided meditations. I highly recommend exploring their collection of videos if you have time.

Again, this practice will inspire awareness of the body through observation of the breath. This meditation will offer you an opportunity to relax, turn in, and tap into that inner space of peacefulness.

If and when the mind begins to wander, bring the attention back to the breath. It’s normal for thoughts to come and go, but resist attachment to any one thought. Observe thoughts as they pass by, be alert of your environment, within and around you, and continuously return your focus to the breath to settle deeper into stillness.

Hope you are enjoying these meditations! Thank you for taking part in the Month of Mindfulness challenge.

Melanie x

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