Month of Mindfulness: Day 7

Congratulations! You’re one week into the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

First, thank you for practicing with me. It takes discipline and perseverance to build a habit and make lasting changes. That’s what you’re doing here this month. You’re building the habit of mindfulness and self-awareness. This will only benefit you further down the road.

I hope that you’re enjoying the challenge and the meditations that I’ve shared with you so far. Do you have any favourite videos so far, or styles that you’re looking forward to trying again?

Today, for day 7, you’ll be taking things in a bit of a different direction. Today, I’d like you to try a walking meditation. You don’t have to listen to any guidance here, but if you wish to listen to music (preferably soothing and calm), then feel free!

The goal of a walking meditation is to become actively aware of your surroundings. Walking is most enjoyable in nature, such as on a trail through the woods or by a body of water. However, the act of walking and observing your surroundings, regardless of where you are, will serve the same purpose. You want to become one with everything going on around you, noticing the sounds, smells, and sights from all around you.

Depending on how much free time you have to spare today, your meditation can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. It really doesn’t matter. This is entirely individual. If you find yourself becoming distracted or uncomfortable at any point, then return home. But if the weather is in your favour, you’re enjoying your mindfulness stroll, and you have the free time, then treat yourself! Walking is great for the body and training the brain to slow down and simply observe the present is a powerful practice of mindfulness.

If you ask a friend to join you, try to keep conversation to a minimum. Enjoy each other’s presence without filling the space with mindless chatter. The goal is for you both to observe, to be mindful, to be aware and alert. This does not require a great deal of chit-chat. However, if you are accompanied by a friend or loved one, I suggest you set a timer for your moment of mindfulness (and quiet) and then resume your conversation after. Share in your experience together by discussing what was on your mind or what you noticed during your silent moment. This is a wonderful activity and a great opportunity to connect deeper with another.

There is a lot of freedom within walking meditations, hence why they are one of my favourite styles to practice. I love walking around aimlessly, simply noticing what it happening. It’s a really great practice and will make you inherently more appreciative and aware of your environment. This is so, so crucial, as we are definitely in a time of uncertainty and disconnect when it comes to the environment and nature, in general.

The fresh air and sunshine (or light drizzle) is also incredibly refreshing. If you’re at all feeling stagnant or uninspired, then a quick stroll around the block may be just the trick to beating your blockage of creative juices.

Just remember: if you’re planning on walking for a while, bring some water, a snack, and wear supportive footwear. If you’re worried about the sun, make sure to protect yourself by wearing light clothing, a hat, or even applying some sunscreen. Be mindful of what you’ll need while you’re out.

Hopefully the weather supports you in your practice today! If it’s rainy in your area, then check out this meditation instead. The purpose of this brief, 9 minute mindfulness meditation is to let go of tension in the body and anxiety in the mind. It’s a very relaxing practice and, if you’re unable to get out for a walk today, I highly recommend still making time to keep up your training. Consistency is key!

Enjoy your day and thank you for participating in the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Melanie x

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