Month of Mindfulness: Day 10

Day 10 of the challenge offers a guided imagery meditation. This practice is about 10 minutes long. The focus of this meditation is to relax through the body, connect with the breath, and find stillness in the mind. To attain this level of focus and surrender, your guide will be engaging your senses and your imagination through helpful cues.

The imagery that you will be exploring is a forest setting. I personally love imagery meditations that invite you to create and imagine spaces in your mind, as they encourage creativity and inspiration! These kinds of visualization exercises are very helpful in setting intentions and making changes for the future. They improve your ability to really see what you want and the possibly outcomes of your choices.

This sort of meditation is also great for those days when you’d like to get outside, but the weather isn’t co-operative or the timing isn’t great. Use the power of your mind to create a place of inner calm, beauty, and peace, that is always available to you!

Hope you are enjoying the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Thank you for participating!

Melanie x

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