Month of Mindfulness: Day 11

My apologies to those following the challenge! Our internet is still being so sporadic. I will be sure to plan ahead for any future troubles.

Day 11 brings a chakra meditation, where the focus of your practice will be on the seven, main energy centers of the body. There are many different styles of chakra meditation! This is only one of them. Unlike most chakra meditations, this practice is only 15 minutes long.

Before you begin, if you’re wondering… wtf is a chakra… please, allow me to give you an incredibly underwhelming introduction! There is so much known information about the chakras that I’m probably best off doing more research and writing a blog about it entirely… but…. I’ll give you a summary of only what I know so far.

Chakras Woman Rainbow Background

Chakras (shuck-ra) are known as the energy centers of the body, as I mentioned. There are may variations of chakra systems, ranging from 7, 8, 12, 13, and more! However, the most commonly known variation of chakras in the Western world, at least, is the major seven. These seven energetic centers are believed to correspond with specific sounds, colours, foods, crystals, activities, and thoughts. These centers then influence the physical, emotional, and mental domains of the body, creating balance or chaos. Overstimulated and under-stimulated chakras, alike, are not optimal. However, it’s very rare to have only one chakra out of balance; when one is out of alignment, consider that all of them become out of alignment.

Here is a super brief explanation of the seven main chakras (starting from the ground, moving up):

  • Root / Muladhara
    • To root, to base; base of the spine, pelvic floor; foundation of energetic body; active groundedness and feelings of security
  • Sacral / Svadhishthana
    • The dwelling place of the self; located between the pubic bone and the navel; center of creativity, expression, and sexuality
  • Solar Plexus / Manipura
    • Lustrous gem; between solar plexus and base of sternum; source of personal power and self-esteem
  • Heart / Anahata
    • Unstuck, unhurt; where physical and spiritual meet; center of chest; place of acceptance, love, and compassion for the self and others
  • Throat / Vishudda
    • Especially pure; located in the throat; align and speak, listen, and express from a higher level of communication and understanding; connected to truth
  • Third Eye / Ajna
    • Beyond wisdom; found between the eyebrows; center of intuition and clairvoyance
  • Crown / Sahasrara
    • Thousand-petaled; source of enlightenment and spiritual connection; connection point to higher self, others, and the divine energy that creates all

As I said, super brief!

I would be happy to go into more detail in another post altogether, as chakras are seriously detailed and there is so much to know and understand about each one. For today, a brief understanding is all that is necessary.

During this specific meditation, there will be no words of guidance. Instead, there is a chime that rings when the meditation first begins and to alert you when it’s time to shift your attention to the next chakra. There are also helpful visuals which will give you an idea of where to focus. The sounds you will hear are meant to “tune” your energetic centers, boosting your overall frequency.

Notice if any emotions arise at any point, during any of the specific tunings.


There are also LOTS of different ways to open up the chakras, not JUST meditation or sound. As the chakras are energy centers, they respond to waves of energy – think colour, crystals, or simply sunlight! Yoga is also believed to be fantastic for the energetic body! Not to mention Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which are both specific to working with the Chi/Qi energy (life energy, prana) in the body.

Like I said, this is simply one way of attuning your energetic centers. Seek any and all opportunities available to you to boost your frequency and balance your centers!


Thanks for participating in the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Melanie x

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