Month of Mindfulness: Day 12

Today’s meditation is a mantra meditation, one of my personal favourites! A mantra meditation is when you repeat a word or phrase over and over and over, for an extended duration. These words and chants not only sound beautiful, but feel beautiful as you repeat them. The voice is a very powerful thing! Feel your own frequency vibrating deep within you.

This practice is 12 minutes long. Over the 12 minutes, there will be many repetitions of the sound Om. Through my studies in Yoga, I have learned that Om is the vibration of the Universe, of consciousness itself.

Here, we see a breakdown of the symbol for Om, what each part means, and why it matters:


Reflecting and studying Om is one way of cultivating a deeper understanding of consciousness.

When you repeat AAAAUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM for any given time, especially when you are surrounded by others also repeating it, there is this… honestly…. indescribable energy that comes over you. It feels like an expansion of the heart and a cleansing of the whole energetic body! It’s absolutely incredible!

So, even if it feels goofy and out of key, just… practice at least one or two OMs out loud (for me), in quiet setting or when you find yourself with time alone. You don’t have to repeat them every single one in this practice, but even just a few times… just to really hear your voice, hear the sacred sound, and feel it for yourself.


Thanks for participating in the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Melanie x

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