Month of Mindfulness: Day 15


Today’s meditation is a practice for your self-esteem. It is about ten minutes long. Self-appreciation is such an important practice. This exercise is a wonderful addition to any self care routine. After all, you become your thoughts. When you carry a negative image of yourself in your mind, it really doesn’t matter what physical practices you perform. You’re only performing. Nothing is truly loving.

Appreciate yourself and all that you are capable of. Love yourself, unconditionally, exactly as you are – right now. Not a future vision you have for yourself, or any version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Let that go. Love yourself NOW, for who you are NOW. Because all you ever were, all you ever can be or will be, it all exists right now.

Be grateful for who you are, your body, your skills and talents, your individual experiences, right NOW. Start with what you have, wherever you are, right?

I hope this inspires you to make self-appreciation a regular part of your self care routine. Make this meditation as regular as an exfoliating scrub or herbal bath. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. You deserve it. YOU ARE WORTH YOUR LOVE! And you should never feel ashamed of taking care of yourself.

You matter!

And, furthermore, when you fill your own cup, so to speak, then your cup will eventually overflow with that pure love. That love then fills the cups of others who need it most. Self love is a powerful thing. Love, in general, is such a powerful, beautiful force! When you openly, fearlessly love yourself, then you will inspire others to love themselves openly and without fear or shame, as well. What a wonderful cycle!

So… love yourself! Take care of you!

Enjoy, and thank you for participating in the Month of Mindfulness!

Melanie x

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