Month of Mindfulness: Day 16

Day 16 brings a loving kindness meditation, also known as a metta meditation. This practice improves your connection with others by expanding your love and awareness of your self and of others. It’s a wonderful way to cultivate a stronger sense of compassion towards others, which – we all know – the world needs more of.

This exercise is around 14 minutes long.

I personally love metta meditations. I find it’s a great exercise for truly connecting to and opening your heart. I regularly practice this style of mindfulness with my senior chair yoga group. They absolutely love it! It’s a wonderful way to share your loving energy and intentions with others, from near or far, from within the class room or around the entire globe! The heart knows no distance, am I right?

Try it for yourself! How far can you expand your love?

I hope you enjoyed this practice. As I said, it’s one of my favourites!

Thanks for keeping up with the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Melanie x

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