Month of Mindfulness: Day 17

Good morning!

Today’s meditation is a morning-themed meditation. This practice is a short but wonderful addition to your morning routine. The following positive affirmations will leave you feeling prepared to take on the day, regardless of what manifests.

I made a post a little while ago about my morning routine and the importance (at least, for me) of making time in the morning to prepare for waking life. I have a few brief, 5-10 minute meditations that I cycle through for my morning mindfulness training. That, or I guide myself through a mindfulness meditation of my own, observing my breath, my body, my mind, and my heart.

If you don’t have a chance to try this meditation in the morning, that’s okay! It’s still helpful at other points during the day. If you do have a chance to try it before you start your work or school day, let me know if you notice any changes in your attitude or outlook!

It’s been 17 days now! You’ve got to been feeling a little more balanced by now.

How has making more time for mindfulness made an impact in your life? I’m very interested to know! Be sure to keep me updated on your experiences with each exercise. Let me know how you’re doing!

As always, thank you for taking part in the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Melanie x

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