Month of Mindfulness: Day 19

Today, I offer you an evening meditation to be practiced before bed. This style of mindfulness training is relaxing and soothing, definitely helpful if you’re a restless or inconsistent sleeper. The practice is 14 minutes long.

I really enjoy the Honest Guys channel on YouTube; I find their guided meditations to be so incredibly relaxing! For me, this is ideal before bedtime. It helps me find a place of stillness and peace within my mind. Otherwise, I will often find myself jerking awake at random hours, reminding myself of the things I have to do the following day.

The mind is such a powerful tool! By Day 19 in the challenge, I truly hope that you have noticed and experienced some of the many benefits that practicing mindfulness has to offer you.

Remember: Consistency is key. Make a little bit of time, every day, to practice being mindful and being present.

Also: Drop your expectations. Not every practice will be or feel the same. Be patient with yourself and reflect upon every experience as a lesson worth learning.

Most importantly: Just… breathe and allow the experience to happen. You got this.

Melanie x

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