Month of Mindfulness: Day 25

Today’s meditation is all about presence. I like to think that this meditation, in terms of style, falls under the category of mindfulness. The practice is 20 minutes long.

I really enjoy the binaural beats in the background of this meditation. The guide has a clear voice and gives wonderfully detailed cues. I found her to be thorough and very helpful!

With all the recent upheaval and changes in my life (as well as those in the distant horizon), this meditation was just what I needed. When life hands you challenges, sometimes the best thing to do is simply turn in and get present with yourself before taking them on. Get clarity within yourself before attempting to find clarity around these obstacles.

I like to call this ‘internal inventory’, when you check in with the body, mind, and heart. It really is a time to anchor into yourself and create space for yourself to become more mindful and response-able. For me, this practice has helped me not only cultivate awareness of my self, and connection to my self, but also has encouraged me to move into a mindset of acceptance. Within acceptance, there is empowerment. Not…. complacency… but acceptance of my self, of my life situation, of the things I cannot change.

I am a huge fan of mindfulness techniques as they really enable you to improve not only your focus, but your awareness of the self, body, mind, and heart. From a place of inner awareness, there is room for a mindful approach to any situation.

Thank you for keeping up with the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

I hope you enjoy today’s practice.

Melanie x

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