My Absence

Admittedly, I’ve never really been great at keeping up with a regular blog. Even my journal goes through cold streaks once in a while!

Though my intentions were originally strong with my Month of Mindfulness challenge, the last two weeks of July were far busier and way more exciting than I had anticipated. Which, don’t get me wrong, has been awesome! However, I haven’t had much free time for myself or this blog. I feel as though, in the past, I would have gotten so discouraged and disappointed by this point, that I probably would have abandoned the page altogether.

But, I see now… there is still plenty of opportunity for me to finish what I’ve started. AND THIS APPLIES EVERYWHERE. My intention with the challenge wasn’t really to post every day or gain lots of followers, but more so to create a resource for people to stumble upon whenever they were ready to start. The Month of Mindfulness will always available to you, whenever you wish to reboot and reconnect, or simply refresh your current practice!

I remind myself now that… this blog is simply a way for me to express my truth. Sometimes, you just can’t – and shouldn’t – force that. The last thing I want to do is come off as being preachy or phony. My intention is authenticity and real connection!

I’m devoted to living a life of evolution and self-mastery, and one of the first things you quickly learn is…. everything is always changing, coming, and going. Everything is temporary. I’ve had to learn to loosen my grip on the expectations I hold for my self…. because, often, life is unpredictable. Things simply change. But as a result, there is more than one way to accomplish a goal. Punishing yourself for one failure is closing yourself off from finding another way to success.

So, what have I been up to over the last few weeks?

My partner and I were able to share in the celebration of two of our great friends getting married! It was a wonderful evening; the venue was amazing, the food was delicious, and the entire wedding party looked so damn beautiful! Both of us were so grateful to have been asked to be a part of the special day. It was spectacular, not just because everyone was witnessing love and joy…. but…. it definitely gave me introspect into my own relationship. My partner and I discussed engagement and marriage on the ride home, and…. who knows… maybe a seed was planted in both of our hearts that night.

Work has been hectic, but…. I find myself now with a luxurious amount of time off to spend finishing up the Month of Mindfulness challenge, preparing for my partner and I’s three-year anniversary next week, enjoying the beautiful weather, and…. making space for the next great adventure (coming soon)!

Last night, I had the privilege of heading across the border to see one of my favourite bands perform live. It was such an incredible experience! They put on one hell of a show, from beginning to end, including, but not limited to: extended drum solos, balcony climbs, and witnessing the absolute magic that was the front-man playing bass while simultaneously banging out part of the drums. Insane! So, so blessed to have been able to gotten tickets and witnessed such talent! Also, I’ve now attended a concert in three different countries!

Though there will be some changes happening soon for my partner and I, I’m still not even sure of the magnitude. It’s kinda funny how many plans I have had for this upcoming fall, from potentially attending university, to considering travelling to Nepal, to taking over a family farm, to simply moving into a new apartment… I suppose now only time will tell how everything manifests. I trust in whatever we’re provided.

For the distant future, however, my partner and I have reached a deeper level of clarity in regards to our long-term goals. We’ve decided to start saving for property to eventually relocate and begin to bring life to our shared dream of starting a self-sufficient home and farm. One day, a community! Hopefully at some point in the next year, we’ll be able to go WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to connect with some farmers and like-minds across the country, as well as choose an appropriate location for our homestead! It’s all so thrilling and I am just beyond grateful that I have met the perfect partner to share in this journey with me.

I guess you could say that I have been simply peeling away the layers lately, trying to get at what is real. There was so much stuff that I had been holding onto, afraid that if and when I let it all go…. I would have no purpose or identity left. Surprisingly though, it’s been…. quite the opposite. When you let go of any ideas of who or what you think you are, you begin to see who and what you truly are. With acceptance, there is empowerment.

I can see now that the choices I’ve made and the person that I’ve become have not been fluke or random, or even as disastrous as I once thought. Everything has happened for a reason, though the picture is only becoming somewhat apparent to me now. I feel fulfilled in my understanding. Best of all, I feel like I can finally root into myself with comfort and ease, for the first time………… maybe ever. No shame, no insecurity; just a whole lotta love.

Here’s to keeping it real, practicing a little more consistency (at least, with my blog), and to making some time to wrap up the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to follow me on this wild ride!

Melanie x


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