Month of Mindfulness: Day 26

For today’s meditation practice, you will be exploring a practice to help ease stress and anxiety. While mindfulness training, in general, will help to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiousness, this meditation is very specific to easing the mind and letting go. This video is 20 minutes long.

I recently stumbled across the Mindful Movement channel on YouTube and have shared a few of their videos through out the challenge. I highly recommend their channel! It’s full of wonderful, helpful content, ranging from a few minutes of mindfulness to hour-long practices.

I personally really enjoyed this practice! I struggle with anxiety and paranoia on a regular basis. Mindfulness, for me, is a necessity. While I used to really suffer, I feel as though daily meditation has helped me to come to a place of acceptance with my struggles. I am able to better observe my mind and respond more appropriately to my own thoughts and anxiety.

Hopefully, if you find yourself struggling with stress or anxiety, you have been able to find some relief this month as you strengthen your mindfulness. If not, simply be patient with yourself. Everyone is on a unique journey. Recovery is certainly not linear. Every single day will be different. That’s okay. Accept each day as it comes and respond accordingly.


Thank you for taking part in the Month of Mindfulness challenge!

Be sure to let me know how you are doing, what changes you’ve noticed, and just… overall…. how the experience has been for you. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and getting feedback on the challenge!

Melanie x

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