Month of Mindfulness: Day 27

Today’s practice is a bit different than your usual meditation training. Today, I invite you to choose any chore or job (especially one that you’ve been putting off for a while) and complete it… mindfully

As you’re doing the dishes, putting away laundry, or finishing the yard work, become totally present. Instead of sloppily making through way through several jobs at once, put all of your focus and energy and intention into one task at a time. This leaves little room for distraction. Not only are you focusing intently on your actions, but you can also bring some attention to your breath and body. Check in with your posture often. Spend anywhere from 10-60 minutes becoming totally immersed in your work and your presence.

This practice is not limited to chores. You can take this training to work with you, focusing your fullest intention and energy into the job at hand. Be present when engaging with your coworkers. Observe your environment carefully, taking time to really notice and maybe even appreciate the fine details. If you are resistant to your workplace, or are surrounded by a busy, chaotic environment, this may present a healthy challenge. Embrace it. Be sure to check in with your breath regularly. See if you can begin to notice where your mind wanders off to while you are working. 

Bringing a quality of mindfulness to your chores and work will help to ease resistance towards them. This practice will allow you to improve your awareness of your self in that place. I’ve found that this training has helped me cultivate a stronger sense of responsibility and accountability for myself and my actions. Anywhere you can cultivate a stronger connection to your self, embrace it! 

As always, I’m interested to hear how your practice goes. Please, let me know! 

Thank you for participating in the Month of Mindfulness challenge! 

Melanie x

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