Month of Mindfulness: Day 28

Today, you will be exploring a visualization meditation. The intention of this practice is to help you in overcoming your fears and doubts, as well as realizing and breaking patterns of self-sabotage you may be holding onto. The duration of this practice is 22 minutes. Remember: be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Meditation can present itself as a challenge at any time, regardless of where you are in your personal journey. Commit to your practice, regardless of the results.

Fear is a hurdle that many of you have dealt with, are currently dealing with, or will deal with. While fear looks different for everyone, it is something that we all share and have in common. I believe that many people let fear stop them from living the life that they’ve often dreamed of – for whatever reason. Fear of financial insecurity, of loneliness, of death, of judgement and criticism from others, of too much or too little attention. Whatever your fear is, reflect on whether or not it is keeping you from living your most true, authentic life. 

Self-sabotage, especially, is a fierce beast as you are naturally your own worst enemy. I find most people to be their harshest critic – and not uncommonly, they realize it, too! When you hold onto any idea that you are unworthy, unloveable, not good enough, not skilled enough, and undeserving of happiness or success – then you, and you alone, are stopping yourself from achieving anything more or manifesting further success. Self-sabotaging habits are normally rooted in fear, which only makes sense. When something scares you, then obviously you willl subconsciously try to figure out a way to avoid dealing with the situation.

Fear, as an acronym, goes one of two ways:




I admit that fear used to dictate my life, to some degree. I was afraid that I wasn’t making the right choices, that my friends and family would think less of me if I did what I wanted, and, as a result, I lived with this perpetual fear that all of my time was running out like sand in the hourglass. At times, I still fear the future and fear the fate of my endeavours. I find myself often asking questions that I really can’t answer: Will I be successful? Will things work out for me? What if I fail and fall flat on my face? 

The reality is that…. nothing has managed to keep me down before, so why would anything stop me now? Clearly, the ability to persevere and stay strong is within me. After all, I’ve made it this far, through thick and thin. Rising up to challenges will result in achievement or a life lesson. When you’ve been handed a lesson by life, it’s in your best interest to listen, pay attention, and learn. That is how you get better. That is how you grow. That is how you overcome loss and failure.

Because despite the crazy, changing world around me, the calm and tranquility of the eye of the storm is within me. That center, that inner space of focus and clarity, is where my truth (and yours) resides. You’ll find that the only thing you are responsible for is your response to life. Every thought, word, and action is yours and every change will require your attention. Be present. Look within. Face your fears and manage them responsibly. With your attention inward, there is no storm you can’t handle and no fear you can’t overcome.

Click Here for video!

Thank you for checking in with the Month of Mindfulness challenge! So excited to be wrapping up this project of mine. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and expanding on the M.o.M. challenge for the future! Thank you for joining the mindful movement – bettering yourself, your community, and your world, one meditation at a time. 

Melanie x

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