Month of Mindfulness: Day 30

Today is the final day of the Month of Mindfulness challenge. First of all, I want to thank everyone who has participated and took the time to practice meditation. It was a really cool experience to be able to teach my friends, family, people young and old, how to meditate and – perhaps most importantly – why meditation matters.

It seems like it has become a crazy world out there. How can you keep yourself from getting swept away in it all? How can you maintain your focus on your true north? The best thing you can do, on a consistent basis, is make time for meditation. Make time to ground yourself, in nature or at home. Make time to get clear on your intentions, for yourself and towards others. Even if it is only for five minutes a day. What matters most is your discipline and your commitment to the practice. Take the time to turn in.

For the final meditation of the month, I invite you to create your own meditation or choose your own meditative adventure! Unsure of where to start or how to choose? Here’s some prompts to get you started:

  • Was there a style that you enjoyed this month that you’d like to revisit?
  • Do you enjoy sound meditations, such as mantras or binaural beats?
  • Is the weather accommodating, suitable for gardening or a walking meditation?
  • Will you have time in the morning for a brief AM meditation?
  • Was the PM meditation soothing and helpful for your sleep?
  • Feeling creative? Up for an artful meditation?
  • Craving a more active mindfulness activity, like yoga or qi gong?

There are so many possibilities here. Be mindful of your individual needs. What do you need most from the meditation practice today? Rest and relaxation, or an energizing, uplifting experience? Every day will be different. Your practice will never look and feel the same. Every day will require something else or something more from you. Be aware of these changes; approach them with an attitude of acceptance and a willingness to learn from them. Let go of your expectations for how this practice should look and feel. Simply embrace it for what it is, each and every day.

Set a timer for 25-60 minutes (depending on the style you have chosen) and enjoy a self-guided meditation (i.e. Body scan, mindfulness meditation, chanting or affirmation meditation, etc.) or choose from any of the varying meditations you’ve already explored over the past month. Need I mention that YouTube is a rich resource of free meditation videos; any style you are looking for, you will find. If it’s not there, it’s now up to you to create it!

If you have been following the practice from day one, up until now, I am very interested in hearing about your progress and journey through the Month of Mindfulness. What has shifted or changed for you? What was your intention for starting the challenge and do you feel as though you’ve stayed true to that intent? What have you learned about meditation and what would be your advice for anyone beginning their journey? I want to hear from you!

Any and all feedback is appreciated, as I’d like to eventually expand and try another Month of Mindfulness challenge in the future! I’m grateful for the learning experience that this project has offered me, and I’m so grateful to have finally brought this idea to life.

May the mindfulness movement continue to uplift, empower, relax, and connect us all – to our selves, to each other, to what is.


Melanie x

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