Chaos, Order, and Depression

First and foremost: While I don’t necessarily agree with absolutely everything that is discussed in the following video clips, there were some incredibly valid points that really made me reflect on my own current state. This video is what made me realize and accept just how much order was lacking in my life and how that lack of structure has only been worsening my depression.

Though my previous experience with antidepressants was far from helpful, I understand that, sometimes, they can be really beneficial in helping people begin the climb from rock bottom. However, I do entirely believe that, as a society, we have become far too reliant on psychotropic medications – on all medications, frankly. We have lost touch with our own personal powers and plethora of natural resources available to us to heal ourselves (i.e. exercise, nutrition, herbal supplements, sunshine, fresh air, meditation, quality relationships and connections, etc). I don’t believe that a magic pill (or even several of them combined) is going to address the root of the issue; however, like I said, establishing even a little bit of stability within our selves and our minds is the first step in recovery.

But the idea that Jordan shares, about focusing on the pillars of life that support us, is what really resonated within me. Having a job, having structure, having dependable people in our lives that love and care for us, as well as having the resources and support in helping overcome addictions, is huge for recovery and overcoming depression. When multiple pillars of support are lacking in our life, it only becomes harder to navigate through and inevitably overcome the chaos that is depression. That is when the sense of impending doom kicks in and our depression (our chaos) becomes overwhelming.

Now, I understand that some people will have an adverse reaction simply upon hearing Jordan Peterson’s name, but there really is no disputing his intelligence. Some of the content that he shares is revolutionary – and when you really listen, his words and ideas have the power to change minds and lives.

That is not to say that you have to agree with absolutely 100% of everything he says – but that is the beauty of being able to agree to disagree and still listen to opposing viewpoints without being reactionary, a quality that is quickly being lost.

The full lecture (~1 hour) from which this content has been shared from is Jordan’s discussion of chaos and order, as well as the importance of finding balance between the two opposing forces. Too much chaos or too much order is never a good thing. The healthy human must find a balance between the forces, not to mention learn to understand and appreciate that within chaos, there is order, and within order, there is chaos. Order can become chaos, just as chaos can become order.

If you have the time, I highly recommend listening.

I hope that by sharing this gem of wisdom, it may also help you to find clarity around your own personal chaos. If you’re struggling with depression, it’s time to seek help and start building your pillars of support. There is no shame in bettering yourself and improving your health.

With gratitude,

Melanie x

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