Thank you for checking out my website and taking the time to get to know a little more about me!

In my short life so far, I have traveled, studied, loved, lost, and, above all, learned so much…. and still find myself learning something new everyday. I consider myself to be a Jackie of all trades, having dabbled in multiple, hands-on studies, such as construction, massage, personal training, yoga teaching, and baking. For now, I get by as an online figure, yoga teacher, and student of life in beautiful Ontario, Canada.


Aside from motivating others, my passions include: reading, writing, doodling, spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking, subsequently eating whatever I make; practicing asanas, leading asanas, enjoying the beauty and wisdom of nature, connecting with others, seeking occasional thrills, and, of course, curling up with a warm mug of tea, after a long day, with my two favourite companions, my boyfriend, Ryan, and our feline fur-baby, Mara.

My passion for health and wellness began in my teens, though was originally rooted in low self-esteem and insecurities. However, with time and knowledge, I began to see fitness as a means of self-improvement and empowerment. Improving my physical well-being, through yoga, exercise, and nutrition, helped to dramatically improve my mental and emotional states, as well. I accredit my clarity and charisma to greens, beans, meditation, and regular stretch sessions.

See: occasional thrills

My end goal in life is to purchase a plot of land in Northern Ontario and start a self-sustainable community (and yoga retreat centre) with my friends and family. I’m looking forward to constructing a tiny home of my own and sharing the value of minimalism, community, and sustainability with others! I hope that by sharing my journey, I may continue to inspire others to lead a more mindful way of life. That is really all I want out of this Earth walk; to keep it real, connect with others, and share the love.

To read more about my yoga teacher training experience, click on.

With gratitude,

Melanie x

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