Yoga Teaching

Upon discovering yoga in my late teens, I never imagined then that my casual interest in the practice would blossom into a passion for teaching. After all, my first experience with yoga was through the intense at-home workout, P90X. However, after a handful of years dabbling, four years of regular practice, and a summer of yoga teacher training, I can’t imagine never having pressed play that fateful day.

Yoga has transformed my life.

The practice has taught me discipline where I was lacking and perseverance through times of frutrstaion and upset. Not only has my body become stronger, but my focus and sense of responsibility has, too. Where there was stagnancy in my life, yoga created movement. Where there was clutter within my mind, yoga created space. When I felt lonely and uncomfortable with my self, yoga was an opportunity to get reacquainted with my beautiful, powerful self.

Through yoga, I’ve been able to cultivate a deep sense of awareness. I no longer feel eluded by the physical world, or even my own body; I understand that I am a vessel for something much greater. As are you. As are we all.

I believe that because of the truly incredible influence yoga has had on my life, it is up to me to pass on the wisdom I’ve gained through teaching and sharing. It is my dharma. Teaching connects me to the wisdom of my highest, truest self and the abundant compassion and gratitude within my heart. I use this passion to connect with others and guide them to turn in, know peace, and share love.

Teacher Training & Experience

I was certified through Real Evolution Yoga in August 2016. The 200-hour teacher training was composed of hatha and vinyasa styles, with a brief introduction to yin and restorative. The experience was one that left me feeling changed as a person, far beyond that of simply completing a teacher training.

Real Evolution Yoga YTT 2016

I became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in November 2016 and started leading local, community classes, as well as private classes, within months. I also took part in leading a volunteer chair yoga class for seniors, participating as a program co-ordinator and instructor.

It is my intention to continue expanding my knowledge and training, and maybe one day, I imagine I’ll open a wellness studio or retreat centre of my own. I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of yoga, by any and all means, without any expectations of where the practice will take me. With an open mind and an open heart, I humbly embrace each step of the process.

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